We believe in an elder and deacon led church because that is what we understand scripture to teach. Not too many years back the elders were supposed to look after the spiritual well being of the church and deacons the practical matters in running a church. Today things have changed slightly and although the elders clearly accept as their primary role the “shepherding of the flock”, we also believe that the deacons, being leaders, have responsibilities not only in practical areas but also by exercising care for both the practical and spiritual needs of our fellowship.

One other valuable understanding within the FBC leadership is the view that every believer is part of the body. Therefore everyone is important and everyone has a role to play. The local church works best when everyone is involved and is contributing with their unique gifting to the Christ-given mandate to the church.

The leadership style, to meet the demands of today, is becoming more visible and vocal than it used to be. There are many voices clamouring for the hearts of people. In this cacophony of life we must be clear about the Bible’s message. We want both the leadership and the fellowship to know the truth and to live it out.

This is what we at FBC are working towards!