Family Service

Sundays 09H30 Р11H00

At our Family Service our aim is to convince people that God exists and that His plan of salvation, when understood and received, makes a difference¬† in our lives as big as that between between life and death. So many people nowadays are troubled by a meaningless life. Yielding to Christ allows a fresh start. To enjoy forgiveness, to have everything made new,¬† to experience a deep, inner peace, to have an unwavering hope in the future, despite the fearful situations which so often press in upon us, is just a brief sketch of God’s plan for people. There is much more to learn…

We run a kids service called JAM at the same time which is designed to make it easy for you feel relaxed and comfortable. Take your time to work through what you hear and what you see. Our conviction is that careful scrutiny of the ‘good news’ will lead to a transformed outlook and a new life.

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